Show 22 Daydreaming Girls

November 26, 2012

Live snack reviews from WDW plus listener comments then a big announcement! Michelle is joined by the lovely Becky Manion and Emma Goldbold from the Day Dreaming Dis blog as Kim is recovering from DLP.

Have you a favourite Disney snack? If you sit and think about it, it is a really tricky question because there are so many out there. So we sent the intrepid Maxwell family off with a challenge to investigate snacks during their recent Disney trip. In the show we will share, comment and add in feedback from you on your favourites too.

Then our guest for the show tell us about all about her favourite past time, Daydreaming Disney, yes Michelle is joined by blog writer Emma Godbold. So we spend awhile talking about holiday enhancements for the guest who frequently visits WDW and Emma shares her holiday firsts from her recent trip. Then big announcement but you are going to have to listen to find out what it is!

All that and facts from our Ciaran so without further ado on with the show!

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Show 21 California Girls

November 12, 2012

California confused? No more with this trio of California girls as Kim and Michelle are joined by Cara Richards to discuss all about THE first Disney park.

From travel, hotels and food, with the odd ride review thrown in, this is a packed show and we hope you enjoy.

Next show we will have a feature on Disneyland Paris so feel free to contact us with your travel tips for there as well as any questions you would like answering.

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See you on the 26th November for the next show!

Kim and Michelle x


Show 20 Spooktacular Girls

October 28, 2012

Halloween show with Banks Lee, a Disney Villains feature, Halloween shopping and Frankenweenie review.

Welcome to podcast 20 and our Halloween special. We talk Tower of Terror with Banks Lee, starting with the History, fun facts and a ride through. Then Michelle visits our local Disney Store to see what is on the shelves for Halloween and is joined by Mr Cruellas Fur Coat himself, Joe Worthington. Then we talk villains, who is our favourite, scariest and least scariest - remember to tweet in with yours!

To end off the show our Kim talks Frankenweenie and boy what a review as she looks as the film from a totally different perspective.

Best not forget we have fun Halloween facts from our new Minnie Minxlet Ciaran.

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See you for show 21 on 12th November 2012.


Show 19 The Girls Tour With Lou Mongello

October 14, 2012

This show we are joined by WDW Radio host Lou Mongello, we have a creative listeners challenge, an ask Minxie Michelle and then end with our Twilight Zone themed new promo

Thank you for the download and prepare yourselves for some live in park audio and talk of chip butties as we invite Lou Mongello to chat all things, well him! Of course the conversation soon digressed to food though the main focus was about his fabulous Magic Kingdom tour and along with way yes we do share some stories with you two

Then onto a Minnie Minx listener challenge where our Kimster gets ‘dog’ tired as she creates cat chow, the pound play area and tears of laughter from Michelle. We have a question from our good friend Lee Mallaby about breakfasts… mmmm Mickey waffles! Then we end the show with a competition for a Minxie goodie. Can you guess you voices our new promo that is TOT themed? Well DM us on Twitter or message us via Facebook and the first correct answer wins a prize – closing date before show 20 is released on 29th Finally don’t forget to send us some feed back on the show through our email including your questions for Minxie Michelle also, for an in show name-check, leave the show some feedback on iTunes

See you for show 20 on October 29th

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Show 18 Key to the Girls!

October 2, 2012

This show we have a soapbox plea and a talk about a Disney series of books with their author!

What happens when you invite another podcaster on the show? Well find out in show 18, where we are joined by Nick ‘Soap Dish’ Branch from the Dis After Dark Podcast, and if you choose to help us to help you buy your Disney goodies you will need this link

Then we have guest interview with Jeff Dixon, author of Key To The Kingdom book, also a Florida resident from pre Disney days. To find out more about the book, read snippets and find out about the second book in the series go to

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See you for show 19 on October 15th.

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Show 17 3 girls, 2 cupcakes and 1 salad

September 17, 2012

Hello and welcome to episode 17.

Curious about the title - well listen with us and all will become clear! We welcome Michelle back from her holidays and we kick the show off with a chat recorded at the Magic Kingdom with one of our listeners, Becky Manion. They chat about how a seasoned park visitor chooses their hotel, what to do and how hot August is!

Then it's back to Kim and Michelle with a first - a food trip report so drool along as Michelle shares her ups and downs from a fortnight on the Disney Dining Plan.

As always you can contact us via or tweet us @theminnieminxes. For a shout out on the show, leave us an iTunes review or send Minxie Michelle a question for a special Minxie goodie!

We back with show 18 on 1st October 2012.


Show 16 - Hidden Magic Girls

September 4, 2012

In the show Kim is joined by Kelly Brice, who is standing in for Michelle while she is on her Florida Holiday.......Kim and Kelly Discuss their opinions and thoughts on the new Pixar film "Brave"

Then as if by podcast Magic Kim is joined by Michelle for an exclusive interview with, Brits Guide to Orlando and Hidden Magic of Walt Disney, author Susan Veness, who talks about her passion for Disney, writing and why she wrote the hidden magic book all with a few giggles along the way.

Next show Michelle will be back, gloating about all things Florida so please join us for that on the 17th September.

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Show 15 - Get out of the way girls…Scarlett wants that Elephant!!!!

August 20, 2012

Welcome to Episode 15 of The Minnie Minx podcast.

Joining Kim and Michelle this episode is Scarlett from touring plans and discusses with us what touring plans actually is for those few who don't know and why its so useful to use! We then go on the discuss her passion for Dumbo and her thoughts on the new Dumbo layout of the classic ride.

Ciaran and Michelle then talk you through Sum of all Thrills, discuss the history and then a quick review of the ride

Michelle and Kimmy also talk about all the feedback they have received on the last episode, and Kimmy tells Michelle all about her Big Anniversary Surprise.

Next Episode is out on the 3rd of September With no Michelle keeping control as she is on holiday we do wonder how Kim will cope and what chaos she will cause!

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride, and enjoy this episode of THE MINNIE MINXES XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Show 14 - Girl the rope don’t drop!!

August 5, 2012

In this Fornights Edition Kimmy and Michelle are joined by Kathy Kelly to discuss Guest Assistance.

Then stay tuned when Kim and Michelle discuss their opinions on the current state of Disney Stores in the UK, Be warned Kimmy gets on her high horse and despite Michelle's attempt to get her down she is very stubborn.

After a bit of a debate we welcome back Minxy Michelle Question time with a "rope drop" question from a listener, however Kimmy is annoyed to find out she cannot limbo under it!!

The Girls will be back on the 20th August with Episode 15 which is shaping up to be a good listen! So make sure you tune in for that one!

The Girls would also like to thank everyone that has so far got involved with contacting the show and we encourage new listeners to get in touch by emailing us at

So all that said, kick off your shoes, take the phone of the hook and enjoy this episode of the MINNIE MINXES         MINNIE KISSES   XXXXXX


Show 13 - Hidden Minnie Girls

July 22, 2012

This show we have a fabulous interview with the amazing Steve Barrett aka The Hidden Mickey Guy. Kim and Michelle also try to spread some romance over in the Magic Kingdom.

Do you know what a hidden Mickey is? Are you an avid fan, like Michelle? Well settle back and listen as we do the A to Z with Steve. We seriously recommend you check out his website and invest in his book as hunting hidden Mickey’s is a joy for young and all.

We also set the closing date for the vinylmation competition of 31st July 2012 so hurry up and get those entries in.

Finally don’t forget to send us some feed back on the show and your questions for Michelle.

See you for show 14 on August 6th.

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