Show 19 The Girls Tour With Lou Mongello

This show we are joined by WDW Radio host Lou Mongello, we have a creative listeners challenge, an ask Minxie Michelle and then end with our Twilight Zone themed new promo

Thank you for the download and prepare yourselves for some live in park audio and talk of chip butties as we invite Lou Mongello to chat all things, well him! Of course the conversation soon digressed to food though the main focus was about his fabulous Magic Kingdom tour and along with way yes we do share some stories with you two

Then onto a Minnie Minx listener challenge where our Kimster gets ‘dog’ tired as she creates cat chow, the pound play area and tears of laughter from Michelle. We have a question from our good friend Lee Mallaby about breakfasts… mmmm Mickey waffles! Then we end the show with a competition for a Minxie goodie. Can you guess you voices our new promo that is TOT themed? Well DM us on Twitter or message us via Facebook and the first correct answer wins a prize – closing date before show 20 is released on 29th Finally don’t forget to send us some feed back on the show through our email including your questions for Minxie Michelle also, for an in show name-check, leave the show some feedback on iTunes

See you for show 20 on October 29th

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