Show 15 - Get out of the way girls…Scarlett wants that Elephant!!!!

Welcome to Episode 15 of The Minnie Minx podcast.

Joining Kim and Michelle this episode is Scarlett from touring plans and discusses with us what touring plans actually is for those few who don't know and why its so useful to use! We then go on the discuss her passion for Dumbo and her thoughts on the new Dumbo layout of the classic ride.

Ciaran and Michelle then talk you through Sum of all Thrills, discuss the history and then a quick review of the ride

Michelle and Kimmy also talk about all the feedback they have received on the last episode, and Kimmy tells Michelle all about her Big Anniversary Surprise.

Next Episode is out on the 3rd of September With no Michelle keeping control as she is on holiday we do wonder how Kim will cope and what chaos she will cause!

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride, and enjoy this episode of THE MINNIE MINXES XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX