Show 14 - Girl the rope don’t drop!!

In this Fornights Edition Kimmy and Michelle are joined by Kathy Kelly to discuss Guest Assistance.

Then stay tuned when Kim and Michelle discuss their opinions on the current state of Disney Stores in the UK, Be warned Kimmy gets on her high horse and despite Michelle's attempt to get her down she is very stubborn.

After a bit of a debate we welcome back Minxy Michelle Question time with a "rope drop" question from a listener, however Kimmy is annoyed to find out she cannot limbo under it!!

The Girls will be back on the 20th August with Episode 15 which is shaping up to be a good listen! So make sure you tune in for that one!

The Girls would also like to thank everyone that has so far got involved with contacting the show and we encourage new listeners to get in touch by emailing us at

So all that said, kick off your shoes, take the phone of the hook and enjoy this episode of the MINNIE MINXES         MINNIE KISSES   XXXXXX