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Show 9 Let the Girls Decide !!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

This Episode Kimmy is again joined by Michelle

In this episode we welcome Tracey from 100% UUO onto the show to help us discuss Disney Vs Universal and we got into such a good debate we didn't have time for a guest interview this episode!

But don't Worry as Michelle is back in Ask Minnie Minxes in a number Crunching question for a listener

and we have the usual babbling from Kimmy in the bits in between.....So if your ready, get all relaxed and pull up a chair and enjoy this weeks show x


Show 8 - The Fairest Girl of Them All

Monday, May 14th, 2012

In This Episode of The Minnie Minxes Kimmy is joined by Michelle.

In this weeks feature Kimmy talks all things Snow White and investigates the origins of the story, through to the making of the Disney Classic, and even discusses the different variations of the ride throught the Disney Kingdom

Kimmy then is joined by Draven @thedoomdoll, and discovers why Draven likes Snow White the most, what her thoughts are on the film and hears about her sorrow of the original classic ride closing down...

Then in Ask Minnie Minxes Kimmy is aided by Michelle who tackles this episodes question head on and talks all things tours

So get comfy, pull on them PJ's and Slippers and enjoy the musings of two Yorkshire girlies!