Show 28 The Girls Live from Nottingham

Disney Friends, a live recording and a Chat from WDW Radio Lou Mongello!

Hello and thank you for downloading podcast episode 28 of The Minnie Minxes Disney Podcast. In this episode we share our recordings from the Minnie Mingle we had in Nottingham earlier this month. Excuse the order of the show as its a little backwards, hey we are girls and we are not very good with technical things lol as you will hear Kimmy is not too be trusted around expensive equipment!

In the 1st feature the girls record a live show, where they tell you all about what has happened in the day so far, and then go on to discuss their favorite Disney Memories and let people at the meet take a turn at the mic and tell their stories too!!!

We then press re-wind in the 2nd feature and we bring you the live recording of the chat we had with everyone’s favorite podcaster and close friend of the show WDW Radio's Lou Mongello, where our guests put their questions to the Disney guru himself, hold a very honest raffle, and then tell Lou how much we have raised for his charity "The Dream Team"

Then Kimmy and Michelle wrap up the weekend with an exclusive recording in The Minnie Minx Hub.......well Michelle's car anyway! Where she was driving completely legally and did not speed once! We quickly discuss how we thought the weekend went and what we enjoyed the most, and go over the ways you can contact the show!

Speaking of contacting the show you can contact us on the following methods

Email Twitter @theminnieminxes



Minnie Kisses

Kim and Michelle xxx